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Why start a project with SODAQ?

Here at SODAQ we are open to every challenge involving the Internet of Things. We have had clients asking us to create a tiny tracker for their cattle that runs off of solar power while still maintaining a rich number of features. We've also had other clients asking us to create a sniffer bike that constantly measures the air quality around the bike. Or how about the time that one of the industry-leading IoT Telecom providers, Vodafone, selected us to develop their starter kits with? The list goes on and on, but you must get the point by now. However, we like to be efficient and, if not evident by now, we like to get things done. If you're considering beginning a project, feel free to send us a message on the contact form so we can get things done, together. 


Why pick SODAQ over competitors?

1. Experience

We have been in the field of the Internet of Things for many years. Throughout these years, we have had many successful projects and have learned from all of the challenges that have set us back. We have experienced fluctuations within the industry, new and old hypes and by now we know how to filter the "BS" from quality.

2. Partners

We have worked together with a range of partners, including the following:

Vodafone (multinational telecommunications)
T-Mobile (multinational telecommunications)
Philips (Electronics company)
Microchip Technology (manufacturer of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP integrated circuits)
Politie (Dutch police)
Utrecht Government
ProRail (national railway network infrastructure)
Atos (hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services)

This list is nowhere near exhaustive, but evidently, SODAQ brings something unique to the table.

3. Quality

Quality is arguably the main reason why SODAQ should be chosen over competitors. Our company consists of mainly engineers, who develop, test and provide support for Internet of Things hardware. Our bestsellers prototyping hardware boards are developed in-house by our engineer, Gregory Knauff. Not only are these hardware prototyping boards massively successful on the market, but we utilize similar technology in customised projects (as the ones mentioned above). This implies a level of vertical integration of technology within a project that many other companies are unable to achieve.

4. Network

The Netherlands is often a hotspot for IoT developments due to the smaller size yet high levels of infrastructure. Networks such as LoRa have been extensively developed and pioneered in The Netherlands. Guess who else is based in the Netherlands? SODAQ! This implies that for new IoT developments such as LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, SODAQ boards are often used for testing. We have strong relations with the leading telecom providers. But also with companies such as The Things Network that have now flourished into key players within the industry. We are constantly seeking for new expansions to our network, as we look into new technologies to innovative with. 

Looking to create your own project?

Luckily the products on our webshop have provided thousands of opportunities for individuals to develop their own projects further. Businesses big or small, creators experienced or inexperienced. View our popular products on this page. For larger orders, we provide quantity discounts. We can also provide customised requests depending on the quantity ordered (50+ boards generally). Contact our e-commerce support for more information on how we can help you finalize your order ([email protected]). If you are looking for a customised project, with large changes and custom final products, we can do this too. Contact our consultants for a quote on your project and for an analysis of your idea. This can be done in the inquiry section. 

We always want to offer the highest value for money for a business. Therefore, we have a quantity discount scheme for almost all of our products.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information on your project and to get you a quote.