On this page, you will be able to view multiple projects that have been created with (a core of) products available in our web store.

Name of Project



Beer Cooling Monitor
 A beer cooling monitor. Something you've always wanted when watching a football game. Want to put your beer in the freezer to cool it down quickly and not be afraid of it breaking the bottle? A nifty project involving the SODAQ Moja board, GPRSBee, an Antenna, LiPo Battery, Temperature probe and an OLED Display will now send you a text when your beer is cold!
Plant Moisture Sensor
   This simple project allowed Micheal Kroll to build a plant moisture sensor to monitor his plants at all times. It mainly involved the SODAQ Moja Board and the Grove Moisture Sensor, both available to purchase on our webshop.
Weather Observation Station (Rain)
A tipping bucket rain gauge consists of a funnel that collects and channels the rain into a small seesaw-like container. When this container fills up the seesaw tips, and a magnet is moved past a reed switch and the reed contact close momentarily. This action corresponds to a certain amount of rainfall. For the rain bucket we use in this tutorial, it corresponds to 0.3mm rain.




The SODAQ Boards offered at the SODAQ Webshop are the perfect boards for these autonomous, outdoor solar powered sensor stations with a low energy/high-efficiency build quality.  Click here to see the SODAQ Boards offered


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